Her Laughter

Her laughter,

Crinkling the ends of her eyes,

Sparkling stars with joyful tears,

Cheeks ablush,

Gleeful mischief bubbling forth in a rush,

Delightful , delectable, delicious,


The sound of water over the brooks,

The tinkling of the wind chimes,

The sun kissed breeze,

Ruffles her hair with ease,

The earth dances over ashes,

Sun bursts out of the sky,

Touching gold on her lashes,
Waves dance on aquamarine waters,

As the winds softly order,

Clouds applaud in the sky,

A spell none can deny,

Glee tugging

 at the corners of the sensuous lips,
Come , laugh now and then,

Through the harshest winters,

an’ the scorching summers,

Dear spirit of mine,

Take not from me your laughter,

Without you,

I have no reason to be!!
© Aara Sharma

All rights reserved



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