Daily Post Photo Challenge :path

My entry for Daily Post Photo Challenge :path 

My Path

When I embarked,

upon this journey called life,

I remember not,

but at each bend,

on this winding road,

Found  more courage,

than ever before ;

Groomed and’ primed,

by experiences,

by companions,

l met before,

the bend arrived,

preparing me,

for the  low or the high;

never stood there lost ,

contemplating, why and how ;

life  instilling,a spirit,

of acceptance and gratitude,

If all happens in divine timing,

If I’m only a spirit,

If the end is only a beginning ,

what is the fear about ?

Love each moment,

Live each low,

watch yourself climb,

out of the darkness,

revel in the evolution of your spirit,

as you glow from within,

carrying this glow to the afterlife..

 © Aara Sharma

All rights reserved

Image courtesy:itsmyfernweh


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