Gossamer Dreams

Stormy seas,
lost beacons,
threatened foundations,
anguish, defying
all stretch of imagination;

Mind kettle,
brewing  memories,
stuck in the drainpipe,
losing count,
of time;

Innocuous pile,
of reflections,
set afloat,
on  rainbow hues,
of gossamer wings;

Lovelorn moon,
yawns delusions,
Haunted heart,
baits the wary mind,
into a wily  web;

Silken worms,
of deceit,
work their way
into the vulnerable  crevices,
of walnut brain;

Time stops,
life relives itself,
over and over,
in denial,
of the harsh truth;

Until dawn creeps in,
Through the cracks,
Of the dreary  dungeon,
As a loving hand,
reaches out;

calming the noise within,
washing away the pain,
As  life resurfaces,
Pushing away ashes.

©Aara Sharma
All rights reserved 



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