Magic woven seamlessly
Within me
I ride on winds
Build castles in air.

A nature lover, wife, mother and an academician, I’ve worked with several educational institutions and formed lifelong bondings, with students and colleagues. I’ve forged beautiful relationships as in ‘reciprocal learning’ with children, who have unassumingly taught me how to be an alchemist and turn the worst days of my life into the happiest and most satisfying ones. 

Worked as a caregiver with an NGO, for children diagnosed with cancer.Their innocent smiles, perseverance, indefatigable spirits far surpass our imagination.

         I believe in making life worth living, by breaking the low vibrational spell and getting out of the matrix.

        My bestie & life partner, Upkar and my friend and guide Ranjeeta Nath Ghai have inspired me to put down my writings on this blog. Manasi Bisht, my artist friend and soulmate, has made an invaluable contribution, by painting the cover in vibrant watercolours.